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BALAD by Fermob

120 14 Muscade Lampe H 25 cm

Fermob continues to focus on other aspects of the garden beyond furniture, this time with a brand-new range of outdoor lighting solutions known as Balad. And the range is in keeping with the brand’s hallmark spirit – practical, mobile, design-inspired and colourful. Balad was designed with a dual ambition in mind: to create a reliable product that would be sleek and attractive in design.
A crisp decorative object with a rounded form, it’s all about the bare essentials, and is a sure-fire hit in terms of look and price. Balad lamps are right at home on the table, around the garden, on the terrace, or even on the beach. They come with two metal stands so you can find just the right spot, and they blend seamlessly into every setting. Fermob has finally come up with an outdoor lighting solution for those long summer evenings, meaning you can play host well into the night.


Bistro , Terase; Plažni objekti , Bazeni
Cjenovni razred
Value for money / Optimalan odnos cijena - kvaliteta
Za vanjsku upotrebu
Tristan Lohner
Tip rasvjete
Stojeća svjetiljka , Stolna svjetiljka
Metal + Plastika