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VELAS by Wilkhahn

001695 WH Velas 2008

Casual excellence. Inviting minimalism. Innovative comfort.

Informal, almost private encounters are particularly important for exchanging ideas and opinions, as well as creating networks. The Velas lounge range is an excellent choice for informal surroundings that still require a professional touch. The range’s design reflects the lightweight steel tube furniture of classical modernism and translates the principle of a supporting metal frame structure with covered seat and backrests in its own way. The fluid transition of front legs, side sections and rear horizontal brace creates an especially relaxed, but professional look. The apparently suspended seat frame with its distinctive edge to the backrest also lends the chair a subtle, soft touch. In addition to the quality of its design, Velas also sets itself apart with its innovative covers. The 3D knitting technology in the lined cover, with different levels of elasticity, is everything you could wish for in terms of comfort.

The chair covers are made from an innovative, three-dimensional fabric. They provide support at the bottom of the back and greater elasticity at the top to extend the spine, making Velas healthier and more comfortable to sit on.

The covers are lined and create a special structure to the surface with a pleasantly soft touch. The knitted covers are seamless, pulled over the frame like a sleeve and zip fastened. As a result, when the covers wear out, you can simply renew them.

Managerski uredi , Hotelske recepcije
Cjenovni razred
Value for money / Optimalan odnos cijena - kvaliteta
Za unutarnju upotrebu , Contract / Normalna upotreba
Eric Degenhardt