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BARCODE by 2tec2

Extremely robust with almost no aspect change over time.
Stain resistant and water proof. Easy to clean.
Functional hybrid flooring that combines the best characteristics
of both hard surface flooring and carpet.
Excellent acoustic properties and improved underfoot comfort
thanks to the comfort backing. Reduces both ambient and
impact sound. Impact Sound Reduction 19dB, Walking Noise
Reduction 70%, Sound Absorption w 0,15.
Rolls are seamless. A selection of tiles (Seamless, Lustre,
Colourful and Cracked Earth collection) are seamless in a
monolithic broadloom installation. See p.11 for more information.
Suitable for projects built according to BREEAM and LEED.
Contains 10% recycled material.
Innovative contemporary design look. Virtually unlimited design


Cjenovni razred
Value for money / Optimalan odnos cijena - kvaliteta
Podne obloge - Format
Ploče 50x50cm , Role 200cm širine
PVC + Felt ( filc ) backing