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FERN by Haworth


Designed by ITO Design & Haworth Design Studio

The Fern desk chair is easy, natural and unhindered.

Inspired by nature, it is in tune with your every move.

Fern’s Wave Suspension™ system is the heart of the chair and the key to its back comfort and flexibility. From all appearances, the back looks simple, but inside is a high level of science, engineering, and innovation.

The Stem is a centred spine that supports a series of Fronds extending like leaves. Each Frond is calibrated to support a different area of the back, from the thoracic (upper back) to the lumbar to the pelvic areas. Back support is as constant as a person’s movement. The Cradle overlays the Fronds and Stem, working in concert with them for effortless support.

Operativni uredi , Managerski uredi , Kontrolne sobe , Kućni ured
Cjenovni razred
Premium / Viši cjenovni razred
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Haworth Design Studio