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LOTUS by Haworth/Cappellini

LOTUS by Haworth Cappellini 12

Lotus Comfort is a complete collection of low and medium height armchairs available with or without armrests, with four or five legs, with or without wheels, and a rocking movement at variable heights. A new sledge base is introduced. Its workmanship has sought to ensure greater comfort of the seat which has been embellished by the saddlery stitching and the back’s double shell. Lotus Comfort easily adapts to a variety of environments and can be customized with different color for the swiveling base and armrests: matt chromed aluminum or matt painted brown, mud or white.

An elegant evolution of the Lotus armchair, this piece has a wooden frame in walnut or natural oak and the typical co-moulded polyurethane cushions in fabric or leather. The base is in chrome or painted dark brown, mud or white. This product is suitable both for home use and the lounges of public environments. The fact that the angle of the seat can be adjusted makes it comfortable despite its thin profile. The range is composed of a low, medium or high armchair, with or without arms, with four or five castors, with or without wheels, and also in a relaxing armchair version.


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Jasper Morrison