Take me out: Fermob

Take me out: Fermob

Not only have outdoor spaces evolved, the demands on outdoor design have also increased. And when it comes to outdoor living, Fermob is ready for anything!


Steel armchairs from the Rythmic collection, designed by Archirivolto for Fermob, are ideal for relaxed social spaces


The global pandemic has challenged how we use outdoor space. Public spaces are in high demand; terraces and gardens are a new lifeblood for restaurants and bars; while offices are innovating with open-air meeting rooms. Consequently, as outdoor spaces evolve, our demands on outdoor design have only increased.

Discover Fermob’s factory, located in Thoissey, France


French outdoor furniture and accessories specialist Fermob is experienced at combining comfort with the much-needed function of today. Behind uplifting colours and shapes, each design has been carefully engineered, historically in iron, then in aluminium – both metals chosen for their recyclable properties and high resistance to outdoor environments.

Bringing structure to outdoor environments: The modular Bellevie sofa, designed by Pagnon & Pelhaître for Fermob


Certain Fermob collections offer a broad spectrum of options, catering well for large outdoor spaces. Bellevie offers infinite configurations for lounge and dining areas with plenty of modular options – particularly useful for professional environments.

Proof of the Luxembourg chairs and armchairs’ versatility can be seen at civic centres such as the Esplanade of the European Parliament in Brussels or Biarritz’s historic town square. While the Bistro range, made of strong and heavy iron, adapts well to busy public spaces from Times Square to Marunouchi Street.

The Luxembourg chair (top) and the Bistro tables and chairs (bottom) are featured in convivial public spaces across the world


Weather-resistant aluminium is combined with technical design for high-intensity outdoor scenarios – from a street-side urban cafe to a windy coastal terrace. For example, the Rest´O collection’s tables are specifically designed for restaurants and bars, and the Cadiz collection chairs feature a flexible canvas material that combines comfort with resistance to the harshest weather conditions.

The aluminium Cadiz armchairs, designed by Antoine Lésur for Fermob, with the Rest’o square table and the Hoop hanging lights


The winter months have shown us how essential lighting is to outdoor living. Fermob launched its first outdoor lamp, Balad, five years ago. It has since innovated with the portable, battery-powered Aplô, which comes with a range of modular accessories. Plus the Hoop, Mooon! and Inoui lamps, which all feature Bluetooth technology. When it comes to outdoor space – Fermob is ready for anything.

Lamps Hoop, Mooon! and Inoui support Bluetooth technology for complete comfort and a variety of lighting control options

And when it comes to outdoor living, Fermob is ready for anything!